New Craft extrusion 30 degree beam angle lens for wall washer

DC24V  24W | 36W | 48W


 Wall  washer is a popular name for a lighting design technique for illumination of large surfaces. It is mainly used with con-temporary architecture; in public cultural buildings, museums and galleries; and in landscape lighting.

  Most of what one actually sees, ente-ring a room, are the vertical surfaces. The illumination requires asymmetric lighting fixtures, which, in a number of 3 or more in a line, can produce evenly illuminated walls. It is a tool mainly used by lighting designers, to cr-eate lighter spaces or making the rooms seem brighter or higher. The technique is similar to the "horizon" technique used in theatre lighting.

Specification and Identity (Including Technical、 Parameter、 Material、Function)

Voltage and reactive powerDC24V   24W | 36W | 48W
Osram  3030     1W/each
Main Structural Material
Aluminum Profile and PMMA lens cover and Stainess steel accessories
Beam Angle degree
30 degree
Bracket adjustable
Available for adjust beam angle
LED lifetime
Working temperature
Waterproof Rate
Color Temperature
2500K ---5000K