PC lampshade function and advantages

Release time:2017-09-26

General chimney will have all kinds of material has done, but has its advantages and disadvantages of each material, then the best raw material is made of PC lampshade, PC chimney is PC material with nanoscale light molecules inside, can make the light through rate of 94%, at the same time through the mould design to material injection into any shape and size, is the world's major PC lampshade industry breakthrough.

PC lampshade adopts glass spray ball cover, because the glass bulb in the material itself has many defects, such as the tolerance is too large, fragile, long-distance transportation of products on the packaging costs increase, but the point is photosynthetic efficiency utilization rate is low, the light loss is as high as 30%.

PC lampshade light diffusion PC material, light bulb utilization increased to 92%, and the problem of breakage and tolerance of PC lampshade reduced to 100%.

Because PC material itself is tough, anti-uv, easy injection production, tolerance can control to 0.02 mm.

The main function of PC lampshade is:

1. Protective effect.

Use PC lampshade can prevent dirt, lampblack to invade, thereby lengthen the service life of bulb.

2. Effective blocking of strong light.

The PC lampshade avoids the direct sunlight into the human eye, causing dizziness.


The color of PC lamp shade and modelling collocation is good also can be a scene in the room, give a person to enjoy.