The role of led lampshade and select key points

Release time:2017-09-26

For the LED manufacturer, how to choose the LED lamp is very important, because it is related to the product quality and after-sales service and other related issues, and in the process of decorating the room, the role of lighting is also quite big.

1. The effect of the lampshade is mainly:

1. Spread the point light source into a surface light source to make the light softer and the human eye will not be stimulated by intense light;

2. Protective effect, which can prevent the invasion of dust and oil smoke, thus extend the life of the lamp, prevent the human body from contacting the conductive body directly, and provide the safety performance of lamps and lanterns;

3, adornment action, chic lampshade can have the effect that make the finishing point.

If you are in the consumer's perspective, the first impression that gives a person is appearance, attractive appearance, attractive person, they will go further to understand the function of the lamp and safety performance.